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"First off, i would like to say thank you. I looked over my profile and I really like how you kept everything in my words, just made them more positive, fun, and most importantly, more attractive. I think from this I have learned an invaluable lesson, funny is ok, but POSITIVE and witty is profound. And I am actually a positive witty person, so you didn't do anything but show me what i should and can be."

AE - Texas

"I was very pleased with your assistance and professionalism. It helped more than you know..."

DT - Alabama

"I have met a great guy and married him after a year of dating. We have now been married for 3 months. Life is terrific! I will definitely refer my single friends to your web site. Thanks for everything!"

LS - Los Angeles

"To all of you single ladies (and guys )-

Steve can be an answer to your prayer as he was mine. I haven't found "the guy" yet, but I know that he is right around the corner, and I have the faith and confidence to enjoy the journey to him. Steve has been so helpful to me in terms of being focused on what is important to me and looking for those characteristics in guys that will greatly increase the chances of me finding that perfect match. He has done this by helping me edit my profile and picking pictures to post ( I would have never picked some of the ones that he suggested, but they have resulted in many second looks and conversations with potential guys that may one day prove to be "the one"). I have been out of the dating scene for a long time, and Steve has gently brought me up to this century in terms of the new dating rules. I so appreciate having him as a coach-and I guarantee that you will too."

Good luck and God Speed in your exciting journey!!

SC - Washington DC

"I have worked with Steve Penner for 6 months....seems like I have known him my whole life....the reason? Steve brings a relational element to business that only life experience can teach. So if you are looking for a quick fix....maybe you keep looking. However, if you are looking for a long term solution that will produce positive results in your personal life, then turn to Steve. His knowledge of the singles' world will help you transform your profile into one that truly reflects who you are...and will attract the type of person you want to meet."

– FM – Tampa, Florida

"I am a successful businessman, but somehow when I first put together my on-line profile, it was like I was a teenager again, and all my business and marketing knowledge evaporated. You made me realize that I really needed to market myself. And you were a lot of fun to work with, even when you were critical of what I had written. Boy did you give me a wake up call!"

– Jef, Austin, Texas

"Thanks for making me delete most of my photos and insist that I have new ones taken. I don't think I ever would have met Tom if I had left up my old pictures. In fact I know that, as we had a good laugh when I showed them to him."

LP – North Carolina

"Of all the things I've learned from the eH experience and you is that the pictures and the profile writing is so key. Getting professional pictures taken unless someone has already taken some good pictures of you is worth the investment. What all of this does is make us dig deep to find an image that we think describes us in the best way to attract someone we might want to know. The profile writing does much the same thing and can't be done too quickly. I think when people first sign up for eH they too quickly answer the lengthy questions without giving them much thought and they write their profiles too quickly and submit as they are anxious to see who pops up for them. A poorly written profile and picture I archive right away and many times delete. Like me, it can take a couple of years to get it right. Just think of the people I might have attracted during the first year with eH if I had spoken with you earlier and my pictures and the profile were as they are today."

– PW Washington DC

"Before working with you I was getting very few responses to my on-line profile. You kept after me, insisting I do my homework. The help you gave me in terms of improving my photos, adding humor to my captions, and rewriting my profile produced amazing results. Soon thereafter almost every woman I contacted responded to me, and now I am actually dating two great women!"

– SM – San Diego

"I had written in my profile what a great sense of humor I had, but Steve was quick to point out that there was absolutely nothing funny in my profile…in fact that it was quite run of the mill, almost boring. One thing about Steve is that he is very honest. When we finished working on my profile, even I was chuckling when reading it."

– MT Boston

"I have just loved working with you during these past months. Thank you for being an excellent listening ear when I needed one. And especially, thank you for your candor. Tom and I continue to talk at length and, now, spend weekends together. Every time, it feels more like just being home--no frills, no drama, no stress--just comfortable, loving, and joyful."

– DH San Francisco

"You are the best. I appreciate your encouragement and reassurance. I value you. You are always there for me. Thanks for all you do. Blessings."

– LR- Southern California

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