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The Singles Register

All of the Profile Doctor's clients will be included (at no extra charge) in Steve's "Singles Register."

If at some point Steve feels two of his clients would make a good match, he will contact both parties and suggest that they exchange email addresses. And, if you are looking to just make some platonic friends of either sex, Steve will put you in touch with compatible singles who live in proximity to you.

No promises, no guarantees, but who knows when or where a romance may blossom?

Contact Steve today to begin getting your profile on track! It's just what the doctor ordered!

"I have just loved working with you during these past months. Thank you for being an excellent listening ear when I needed one. And especially, thank you for your candor. Tom and I continue to talk at length and, now, spend weekends together. Every time, it feels more like just being home--no frills, no drama, no stress--just comfortable, loving, and joyful."

– DH San Francisco

"First off, i would like to say thank you. I looked over my profile and I really like how you kept everything in my words, just made them more positive, fun, and most importantly, more attractive. I think from this I have learned an invaluable lesson, funny is ok, but POSITIVE and witty is profound. And I am actually a positive witty person, so you didn't do anything but show me what i should and can be."

AE - Texas

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