So you’re single, totally unattached, and you’ve decided it’s time to meet someone new. Well, you should be happy to know this is the best time of the year to try.

When I say “best time,” I mean immediately — this instant! This is not the time to procrastinate.

Stop reading this article, log onto the Internet and register for an online dating service, or pick up the phone and call a match making service, or get dressed and force yourself to attend a single’s dance or even a speed-dating event at a local pub.

If you have ever considered trying one of these “proactive” measures, do it right now. After all, everyone else is.

In the 23 years I ran a dating service, the first week of January was almost always the busiest time of year, when the most people joined, and we therefore had the largest pool of available singles for new members to meet.

That is, unless there was a blizzard that week, in which case the second week of January would be the busiest week of the year, unless there was a blizzard that week, in which case… I am sure you get the picture. (One year, it snowed every week in January, which drove me to pull out what remained of my hair.)

With the Internet though, I guess the weather has very little negative impact. If a single person is snowed in and “cabin fever” hits, he or she will undoubtedly feel more inclined to log on and begin the process of trying to “pair up,” so to speak.

And why is the first week of January so busy? Obviously, the main answer is New Year’s resolutions. For a single man or woman, the three most common resolutions are to stop smoking, to lose weight, and to start a new relationship.

If you have already accomplished the first two fetes, then it’s time to attack the third.

As for starting a new relationship, I wish I had the proverbial nickel for every time I heard someone say, “This past holiday season was the last one I’m going to spend drinking eggnog alone with my Aunt Aggie.”

Another reason January is such a busy month for singles’ organizations and businesses is that few people try and meet someone during the holidays. It’s just too hectic, and for some people, too depressing. It’s far easier to tell oneself, “AFTER the holidays, I am going to make a real effort to start a new relationship.”

From a business point of view, that last statement is verified by the fact that the “slowest” time of year at any singles organization is the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. While most retail businesses are booming during that five week shopping period, singles businesses rarely see new people joining — until the week after New Year’s — this week.

So stop reading this article and get busy!

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