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About Steve Penner

About Steve Penner

Steve Penner

For over three decades Steve Penner has worked with single, divorced, and widowed men and women as both a Dating Coach and as a Matchmaker to help them meet, develop, and maintain fulfilling, healthy, and loving relationships.

For three years Steve worked as the primary Matchmaker for's "Personal Matchmaker Service." In that capacity he literally reviewed thousands of on-line profiles and was often amazed at how poorly-written so many were. Equally "disturbing" to Steve were the totally unflattering pictures that so many people posted.

Working with his clients who had signed up for the Personal Matchmaker Service, Steve found that he was able to greatly improve both the quantity and quality of their matches by editing and helping them to revise their overall profiles. As "Your Profile Doctor," Steve is ready to pass on the knowledge and insights that he absorbed during this time.

Steve has also gained extensive experience helping clients with their profiles on other sites, including and

Prior to working for eHarmony, Steve was the founder and co-owner of the Boston-based dating service LunchDates. In that capacity he interviewed, matched up, and listened to feedback from thousands of singles in the New England area.

He has also published a book titled "The Truth about Dating Revealed: How to Realize and Raise Your Dating Quotient." The term "Dating Quotient" reflects where a person stands in "the social marketplace." That is, what it means to be bald, to be separated rather than divorced, to be tall or short, to have older children versus younger children, to smoke cigarettes, etc., etc.

When coaching singles today, he also helps them understand what their current Dating Quotient is and how it can be improved to make one much more "marketable" in the dating world.

Contact Steve today to begin getting your profile on track! It's just what the doctor ordered!

"Before working with you I was getting very few responses to my on-line profile. You kept after me, insisting I do my homework. The help you gave me in terms of improving my photos, adding humor to my captions, and rewriting my profile produced amazing results. Soon thereafter almost every woman I contacted responded to me, and now I am actually dating two great women!"

– SM – San Diego

"You are the best. I appreciate your encouragement and reassurance. I value you. You are always there for me. Thanks for all you do. Blessings."

– LR- Southern California

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